Montreal's JavaScript User Group

September 8th, 2015 @ 18:00
Goodbyes / Hellos

This will be our last meetup at the Radialpoint location. They have been amazing hosts. Thank you!

This month: Package all the things with Webpack. Typed languages are more your type? Try TypeScript.

Our sponsors this month:

AppDirect is the leading commerce platform for selling cloud services. We help companies find, buy and use software. Our Montreal office is expanding and we're looking for great developers of all stripes: front-end, back-end, qa, devops.

Come early! Beer and pizza being served starting at 6PM, and presentations start at 7PM.

Charles Ouellet
Webpack is your friend

Webpack is a module bundler that allows you to use multiple module definition systems, making refactoring of large scale single page applications much smoother. Charles will explain how to get started with Webpack, the main concepts behind the tool, and show us quick demos.

Marek Zaluski

TypeScript is an open source, typed superset of JavaScript. It is backed by Microsoft and usable everywhere JavaScript runs. Marek has been using it for a while and is going to tell us what he loves about it and how to get started.

Across the street from Place-des-Arts Metro

2050 Bleury, Suite 300
Montreal, QC

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