Montreal's JavaScript User Group

July 13th, 2016 @ 19:00
Vues and Unix Pipes, what do they have in common?

Join us for another edition of js-montreal with Lichen on Vue.js and Ruy on his tool, iPipeTo.

Alexandre Geissmann
How to be super agile with Vue.js + Hype

Discover how to build amazing and flexible webapps using Vue.js and Hype. This speech will introduce an unusual workflow to quickly get running some apps, in a small-team context. We’ll also be speaking of production pipeline and requirements (such as timeframe, team communication, client, etc;), how they’re shaping the way we build the Web, and how to code javascript to embrace this purpose.

Ruy Adorno
iPipeTo -- Story of a Unix Pipe

Ruy will tell us the story of how he spiced boring old Unix pipes into a wonder of modern command line foo, with his tool iPipeTo.

La Gare: A beautiful collaborative workspace in the Mile End.

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