Montreal's JavaScript User Group

October 14th, 2014 @ 19:00

Fall is here, it's time for sweaters, wooly socks, and a warm cup of Javascript.

Special Event -


Beer + Pizza

SSENSE is a curated selection of international brands for the discerning shopper. Come early! Beer and pizza being served starting at 6PM, and meetup starts at 7PM.

Martin V├ęzina
The Greensock Animations Platform

Greensock Animation Platform is an amazing library used to design high performance animations for the web. Its flexibility makes it possible to construct complex animation sequences and integrate them into your workflow with mimimum effort, and its simplicity bridges the gap between the motion designer and the programmer.

Across the street from Place-des-Arts Metro

2050 Bleury, Suite 300
Montreal, QC

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