Montreal's JavaScript User Group

March 14th, 2017 @ 19:00
React and CPUs

What do CPU profiling and React have in common? js-montreal of course.

Christophe Naud-Dulude
Demystifying CPU Profiling in Node.js

Node's event-driven and single threaded architecture enables easy concurrency and high throughput without much effort but comes at a cost. Synchronous and CPU intensive operations can lead to degraded performance and even completely block the process. CPU profiling allows developers to find blocking functions and deal with them accordingly. In this talk 'learn by example' talk, we'll look at some real issues that were identified and fixed thanks to CPU profiling.

Rami Sayar
Building Universal JavaScript Applications with React

Rami will show us how to build universal, isomorphic JavaScript apps using React. We'll talk about strucutre, components, code sharing and other details of building robust JS code across front and back-ends.

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