Montreal's JavaScript User Group

April 9th, 2019 @ 18:45

JavaScript is like chocolate cake, delicious, rich and tasty, but too much will give you a stomach ache.

Presented by: Etienne, Antoine and Mojtaba - Plotly's graphing library plotly.js has been around for 6 years, a lot of things has happened in JS-land since then. The talk will start by a brief introduction on plotly.js, its ecosystem and its team. We will then focus on the challenges we've had to face to adapt our API for React wrappers, mainly react-plotly.js.

Nicolas Carlo

Gitgraph.js is an open-source library that allows you to draw git graphs using a JavaScript API. This talk will explore the inner details of building such a project. I will talk about: open-source, monorepos, SVG rendering, React/Angular adapters and git tricks.

La Gare: A beautiful collaborative workspace in the Mile End.

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