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January 13th, 2015 @ 18:00

This month: A bit of Angular and a walk through ES6 modules. Our friends at etelesolv are back with beer and pizza, so come early! Doors open at 18:00.

Special Event

Beer + Pizza

etelesolv is a fast-growing Software-as-a-Service (S.a.a.S.) provider for some of Canada's largest and most trusted enterprises. Our flagship product Telemanager is an all-in-one Wireless, Wireline, IT, and Employee Lifecycle management solution.
Come early! Beer and pizza being served starting at 6PM, and meetup starts at 7PM.

Geoff Goodman
Flexible declarative drag & drop for Angular

Geoff Goodman is the author and maintainer of Plunker. Facing particular UI challenges, he set out to create a directive that makes declarative drag & drop in Angular flexible and easy. He will tell us more about how it is built and the tools he used to create it.

Bruno Carriere
Pull the trigger on ES6 Modules

After years of turmoil and experimentation, JavaScript is set to have a proper module system in ES6. Bruno will show us how easy it is to take advantage of them today and present typical usage patterns.

Across the street from Place-des-Arts Metro

2050 Bleury, Suite 300
Montreal, QC

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