Montreal's JavaScript User Group

April 8th, 2014 @ 19:00

Spring brings us yet another snow storm and some beautiful streams and tools to keep our minds off the weather.

Don't forget, we've moved! Address is below.

Beer + Pizza

Turbulent Media creates, produces and distributes quality Web, cross-platform projects with a focus on the gaming and television industries. Turbulent has recently achieved success with their website for the crowdfunded game Star Citizen (http://www.robertsspaceindustries.com)

Come early! Beer and pizza being served starting at 6PM, and meetup starts at 7PM.

Ben Postlethwaite
Streaming the Internet of Things with Javascript.

Javascript is everywhere and the maker movement is bringing affordable and hackable devices to a wider audience. At the same time Node provides us with a set of asynchronous primitives perfectly suited to wiring all of this together. Over the last few months this is exactly what we have been doing at Plotly. We want to share our experiences working with streams and real-time data in the server and client. We have some great demo's and projects so signup for Plotly and bring your laptops!

Across the street from Place-des-Arts Metro

2050 Bleury, Suite 300
Montreal, QC

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