Montreal's JavaScript User Group

February 9th, 2016 @ 18:00
Reactive JavaScript

You've heard the term Reactive programming before. Someone tried to explain it to you; you have no idea what they are talking about. You should come to this meetup.

Our sponsors this month:

At SalesFloor we believe that a retail sales associate is more than just a nametag and a uniform. They are product experts and influencers for their customers and for the people in their trusted social networks and communities. In today’s omni-channel world, retail chains have the opportunity to leverage their biggest asset, their people, as a new direct sales channel.

Come early! Beer and pizza being served starting at 6PM, and presentations start at 7PM.

Andy Maleh
Beyond React: Introducing Cycle.js

Cycle.js is a reactive RxJS/Virtual DOM based front-end library. Andy will provide a quick introduction to Cycle.js basics and philosophies, go through a tutorial of its concepts and demonstrate with some code examples.

La Gare: A beautiful collaborative workspace in the Mile End.

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