Montreal's JavaScript User Group

November 14th, 2017 @ 19:00
Headless, progressive Javascript. Like a Zombie.

Testing with headless Chrome and Progressive web apps.

Mats Ljunggren
Unsupervised testing with Chrome Headless and Puppeteer

Running unsupervised end-to-end testing in the browser is great for both monitoring and QA, and can save you tons of time and help you avoid bugs. Unfortunately, it used to require PhantomJS or browsers configured with virtual displays (like Xvfb) that made it fairly difficult and time-consuming. This has recently been made much simpler with Chrome supporting "headless mode", and with Google creating the npm package Puppeteer it is even simpler. Now the Chrome browser can be remotely controlled with just a few lines of Javascript code. I will show you some useful hands-on code examples.

Sylvain Hamann
Introduction to Progressive Web Apps

As we know, responsive web sites are no longer enough. We have to make sure it works offline, multiple devices, resolution, rendering capabilities and every other condition various browsing machines can throw at us nowadays. Sylvain will show us the dark art of turning your responsive website to a Progressive web app capable of the above.

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